At least he’s not invading my nightmares anymore.

Actual, unretouched picture of me yelling at my TV screen the other morning.

I’m doing pretty well these days. I’ve worked on my triggers. I no longer react to many things that used to upset me.

So why was I yelling “F- you!” at the TV the other morning — while firmly holding up two middle fingers at the TV screen?

Two words: David Miscavige.

His smug face lit up my screen and almost made me spit out my delicious cappuccino.

Here’s the ad that currently plays every morning while I watch my morning news:

As the sun rises over the LA skyline, you see a pointed roof sporting a Scientology cross and a waving American flag:

Of course, that’s how they would position Scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard called it the first true American religion, from what I recall. (My memory is a bit hazy due to the millions of words I read over the years.)

You may not recognize this building, but I sure do.

I know it as Big Blue, a former hospital that they turned into the PAC base of operations. PAC means “Pacific Area Command,” or the West Coast headquarters of Scientology.

I spent many a day and night there in the late 90s and early 2000s. Most of it was scrubbing pots in the dishroom after getting on Miscavige’s bad side yet again.

But I digress. Right after the sunrise opening, HE shows up. The worst human being I have ever met.

David Miscavige

But looks nothing like the David Miscavige I remember from October 2003 — the last time I saw him.

His dark brown hair is now blondish, with nary a hair out of place.

And not a wrinkle to be seen on his multi-thousand-dollar suit. Or his multi-thousand-dollar face.

He’s clearly had some work done.

You get just one guess as to who paid for all that work.

He’s got his hands placed casually in his pockets like he’s just hanging out talking to a friend. Except he doesn’t have any friends. Sycophants, yes. Friends, no.

Take a closer look. Past the fancy suit, the coiffed do, the sneering smile, you have these eyes:

Those are the eyes I used to see in my nightmares. At least now, they’re only on a TV screen which I can easily turn off.

“You’ve probably heard of Scientology,” he says. Ya think?

Images flash: More pictures of buildings (because he’s REALLY into the buildings), shots of an e-meter in operation, the word “CLEAR”, all with a soundtrack of, “Why is it a religion?” “What’s a Clear?” “What’s an E-Meter?”

Then he says…

“Well, whatever you have heard, if you haven’t heard it from us, I can assure you, we are not what you expect.”

Yeah, they’re way worse.

Even after everything you’ve read about Scientology, you can’t imagine how bad it really is unless you’ve been there.

He finishes with, “So, take a look. And then decide for yourself.”

This is the typical Scientology answer to anyone who has a question about their practices. “See for yourself.” “Read a book.” “Hear it from us.”

Just the same old stuff we were writing 30 years ago. Nothing has changed.

That’s because it can’t change.

L. Ron Hubbard dictated exactly how to promote Scientology, and you can’t stray from that. His word is Law.

Sure, you can add all the slick video clips you want, but the foundation is the same.

And it’s crumbling.

So, why is this ad spewing all over my morning news?

Because Scientology just took over a local Tampa Bay TV station.

They’re showing all the programming they have on their Scientology TV channel on DirecTV.

But is anyone watching it? Unlikely. I guess that’s why they need the ads.

The local station used to be owned by Maria Vision, a Catholic TV channel — and they haven’t changed the logo on my channel lineup (at least on Spectrum):

So that gives me a tiny bit of joy because David Miscavige would NOT want to be positioned with Catholicism.

My best advice to you is this. When you see one of these ads, just turn it off. Don’t buy into any of it. Don’t give them the satisfaction of another click on the TV channel.

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. And believe me, it was heavy.

This public service announcement was paid for by years of pain and trauma.

But it’s over now. He no longer haunts my dreams. Please don’t give him the chance to haunt yours.

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